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Nov 292007

egg hardware

Bruce Shapiro was recently featured in an short video by Cool Hunting. He’s a self taught hardware artist and has created some amazing projects exploring motion control, including the ‘egg plotter’, ‘3-axis router’ and ‘Pipedream I, II, and III’—which draws in bubbles. He works with motors, steel, eggs, bubbles (my personal favorite), sand and many more materials. Shapiro also teaches a 10 day class called ‘From Bits, To Bites, To Bots‘ at the Science Museum of Minnesota. Maybe next time he’s in NY we can ask him to do some demos for the NYC Resistor Group?
Check out some of his projects at The Art of Motion Control and the Cool Hunting Video.

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  1. This is so cool. Who though you could make a CNC Machine color an egg. You have inspired me for this Easter.

    Ivan Irons

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