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Nov 282007


Here is another great console application that doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. This text based browser supports up to 256 colors (but due to the limitation of your console, it will most likely be 16 colors.) and displays web pages really well. In fact, on some non-large screen phones, I’d rather have this as my browser.

It also supports mouse clicks, which is great if you’re on a page with a large number of links. It even supports scrolling with the middle mouse wheel.

Some cool features that are rare in the console world are the ability to parse mild Java script, a download manager, and support for tables/frames.

It’s also extremely small and immune to shock sites. The browser’s most common use is to look up help information after an X server crash. I also use it a lot over ssh when I don’t want to download something locally and then upload it to my server. It is especially useful when the server requires authentication before getting the file.

Maybe not as useful as HTOP, but it’s still handy if your tired of white backgrounds that hurt your eyes. —Link

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