Oct 182007

Laser Cutting Parts from Zach ‘Iowa’ Hoeken on Vimeo.

A couple nights ago, Bre and I went to go get some parts lasercut. Here is Phil explaining how it works. Thank you so much Phil!

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  1. Which RepRap parts was it printing? didn’t recognized them on the screen

  2. Hi guys

    Don’t suppose anyone knows where to go in the UK to get materials laser cut to your design. Somewhere competitive if poss.



  3. Hello,

    Where can we obtain the CDR files to create our own parts ?

    Are the parts shown for the Fab@Home Model 1 machine ?


  4. You should sign up on Ponoko (http://www.ponoko.com/) and post the designs, so others can buy them pre-made. That way, it will accelerate adoption of the reprap project by making the basic parts easily available to everyone.


  5. Hiya.


    These are parts for an alternative design that does not need to be printed. Its a bootstrap machine designed to get around the chicken and the egg problem associated with a machine made out of RP parts.


    I’m not entirely sure… i know pololu and ponoko do lasercutting. Google around, or ask at the university. Someone will know =)


    These parts are all located in subversion here: http://svn.reprap.org/trunk/reprap/mechanics/mcwire-cartesian-bot/

    These are *not* the parts for a fab@home machine. This is a RepRap related project.


    I’ll definitely do that. However, we’re just not quite ready yet. The machine has yet to be fully tested, and I want to do that before I start promoting it to various people. In a couple week here when I get it up and running, then you bet I’ll put them up on Ponoko.

  6. Thanks for the links! Are the CorelDraw files also available somewhere, just in case ?

    I couldn’t find 1/4″ acrylic plate but Lexan was easily obtainable in 1/4″ is Lexan also suited for the job ?

  7. no problem. i’m not sure what format coreldraw uses, but DXF is a widespread CAD format, so it should be able to import it.

    i think lexan should work just fine, so long as you can cut it.

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