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Oct 162007

We now have a subversion repository setup.  Check it out here:  It’s publically readable, and you need a username to commit changes.  Since it’s publically readable, you’ll probably only want to put things in here that are GPL, CC, or otherwise free.  If you have something proprietary and/or secret, it doesn’t really belong.  It seems like most of our projects will be open source though which is awesome.

If you don’t know what subversion is, read more here.  If enough people are interested, I can also give a quick tutorial on how to use it at a meeting or whenever really.

I’ve set it up initially to have 3 different areas:

/projects.  this is where we store projects like the led cube stuff, the binary watch, etc.  consider this the trunk.

/releases.  when we get to a milestone in a project, we should copy all the files for that project to here to make an easy to reference ‘tag’

/users.  create your own directory in here to play around with.  your very own sandbox!

If you want an account to be able to make changes to it,  please email me at [email protected] with your desired username and password.  I’ll add you to the system and you can do whatever you feel like.  Please be courteous of other people’s files though.

Viva la resistance.

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  1. Outstanding! Thanks for getting this set up for us.

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