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Oct 062007
Nick with his LilyPads. I know, dork.

Nick with his LilyPads. I know, dork.

I just got my fancy new LilyPad Ardunios. I have a few ideas for fun projects I can make with them, but I think to start out with I am going to aim for a practical execution: Idea #1 A heated jacket with different levels of, well, heat. I’d probably have to use PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to make the different heat levels, but I’ll figure that out later. Idea #2 A jacket with LED arrows that I can activate when I’m riding my bike at night, that way people behind me know which direction I am going to turn. Don’t steal that idea, patent pending.

UPDATE:  We just found out that the software to program the LilyPad is not available until October 10th from

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  1. That photo totally reminds me of the wizard of oz!

  2. Hehe – ya, Like the guy that sticks his head out of Emerald City.

    “No one builds a heated Jacket, not no one not no how!”

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