Jun 192016

Catalan polyhedron lamp

NYC Resistor installed a Shopbot last year and we’ve experimented with different materials. Today I spent some time testing how well the bot would cut Coroplast. This corrugated plastic is very lightweight, fairly inexpensive, and reasonably rigid when triangulated.

Shopbot tetrahedronToo much suction

There are some problems with cutting it with a rotary tool like the Shopbot, so I wrote some notes on tooling, speeds, feeds and clamping. There is likely a better way to bevel the edges than the 90 degree bit, so I’m still searching.

Jun 172016

We still have a bit of room left in our Kokedama Make-Along for this Sunday!

This is not your typical craft class.  Make-Along is a self-guided craft workshop where participants learn new skills, explore new materials and make great things!  In this session we’ll be exploring how to make lovely floating plant planets known as kokedamas, or moss balls, or awesome things you totally want to learn how to make.

Buy your ticket, and we’ll see you on Sunday!

Jun 102016

We still have a few tickets left for our Intro to Arduino class this Sunday. Who’s going to grab them?

Our Arduino intro is a 3-hour whirlwind tour, including hands-on lessons on how to use light sensors, blink LEDs, and make buzzers buzz! No prior hardware or electronics experience is required, though some basic programming experience (familiarity with for loops, variables, and functions) is helpful.


Jun 062016
Turn almost anything into a musical instrument with Teensy, an inexpensive Arduino-compatible microcontroller. The Teensy 3.2 has a bunch of touch sensors and analog and digital inputs, and it can plug into almost any music software through USB MIDI. Learn how to use it in our upcoming class on July 9th!

teensy instruments

In this class, we’ll stick touch pads on any objects to make them into keyboards, drum controllers, or trigger pads. No coding or soldering experience is needed, but you’ll have the opportunity to do either or both if you like. Bring an object you’d like to instrumentify! And hurry up and buy your ticket before we sell out.


instrument-a-day 7: Bottle Imp 1

Jun 032016


NYC Resistor created a mini golf hole inspired by a human cell for the annual Figment mini golf course on Governors Island (opens June 3 2016)! The theme of the multi-hole course this year is “mini is the new big,” and after proposing our science-themed idea to the open call for submissions, we were selected as as one of the teams to construct a hole for the course. This Instructable follows the process of its construction and is a collaboration between Colleen AF Venable, Guy Dickinson, Chris “Widget” DiMauro, Ryan Micaleff, Ranjit Bhatnagar, and Becky Stern.

Dive deep into the construction of this project by checking out the Instructable for this project!

Jun 022016

We’ve got a brand-new class on June 25th! Resistor member Becky Stern will be leading our Sewing Basics class. Always wanted to learn to use a sewing machine? Here’s your chance!

sewing machine

We’ll thread needles, tie knots, sew buttons, and practice basic stitches used for clothing alteration and repair. After three hours of detailed, hands-on instruction, you’ll walk away with a mix of hand and machine techniques you can use to patch ripped jeans, hem something that’s too long, make your own curtains, and generally gain agency over your textile world.

Supplies for this class will be provided for you, however feel free to bring in a garment in need of repair.

Tickets are on sale now!

May 262016

Been curious about electronics, but don’t know where to start? Want to learn to use programming to interact with real-world stuff? Our always-popular intro to Arduino class is running again on June 12th! You’ll learn how to blink LEDs, make a buzzer buzz, and use a light sensor.



No previous hardware or electronics experience necessary, though some basic programming knowledge is helpful. Get your tickets!

May 252016

We have a box with two TI-83 Plus calculators, some scientific equipment, and a manual for how it all works together — all free to a good home. If you’re interested just come by on an open night and pick them up. Photos are in the link. Rules are you have to take the whole box and you have to pick it up on an open night (Monday or Thursday).


We also have tons of head-mounted magnifying glasses (HEAD MAGNIFIERS!) Pick up as many as you’d like on our open nights, but do it soon before someone just tosses them in the trash in frustration and then they’re gone.

head magnifiers

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May 242016

OMG Blinkies!


It surprises literally nobody that we love blinky things at NYC Resistor. Maybe you want some blinky things of your own? NYC Resistor member Matt Metts is teaching his Blinky Umbrella Workshop on June 5th!

In the workshop, you’ll learn the simple soldering technique needed to assemble the electronics, and the craft techniques used to attach everything securely to the umbrella. And yes, you really can use it in the rain. Hurry up and get a ticket!

umbrella photos