Oct 172008

I take *tons* of documentation photos as I build the electronics I design for RepRap, and sometimes I get a bit bored and like to take random macro shots. Sometimes they turn out really neat, showing you a perspective or detail you just cant get as a human. Today was one of those days:

Stepper Motor Driver v1.2 Build

Stepper Motor Driver v1.2 Build

Stepper Motor Driver v1.2 Build

all turned out pretty well. make sure you click through for the big versions!

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  • http://www.hackaday.com/ Eliot

    It looks like an army assembling.

  • tom

    Come on Zach, that’s not macro.. Where’s the goatse?!

  • http://blog.tinyenormous.com tinyenormous

    Those are neat. What kind of lens / camera did you use? True macro lenses are awesome, but wicked expensive… The depth of field was cool in 2 and 3.

  • hoeken

    nothing special really… just a point and shoot: Canon SD750 using the Digital Macro mode. the crucial thing is to use good lighting. i usually use two clamp lights on either side of the object. using a tripod can help too, but i believe i did these with just my hands.