Jun 262008

I’m in the process of porting the Arduino environment to the atmega644 for a skunkworks project I’m working on. This chip is awesome because it has 4x the flash (64k vs 16k) it has 4x the RAM (4k vs 1k) and 12 more I/O pins (32 vs 20)

Its the biggest and baddest atmel chip that has a DIP version that I could find.

Here is a video of my first major success where I wrote and uploaded an Arduino sketch to it.

Atmega644 is alive! from Zach 'Iowa' Hoeken on Vimeo.

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May 222008

Arduino Programming 103: Sensory Overload

Saturday, 1pm-3pm

During this class, we will explore the many different ways of gathering information from the outside world. The NYC Resistor Learner shield has many interesting sensors including a light sensor, a temperature sensor, a knock sensor, and some sliders. We will be examining each of these sensors and showing you how to use them in your programs.

An Arduino and Learner Shield will be provided to each student, but please bring a laptop if possible.

Instructor: Zach Smith

Soldering 101: Basics

Saturday, 4pm-5pm

1 hour, all parts will be provided.

Using a simple electronics kit the student learns the basics of through hole soldering to a circuit board. At the end of the hour, the student will take home an LED blinky of their own construction!

Taught by Jon Santiago

We have tons more classes coming up as well!

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May 162008

Adam Cutting Steel

I managed to capture Adam putting the finishing touches on BarBot a few days ago. He’s been working overtime, and BarBot v2.0 is shaping up to be EVEN MORE AMAZING! Its got solenoids, its got a super sick drink rotating turntable, and most importantly: an awesome control panel with buttons, blinking lights, and all sorts of neat things.

Come check it out in action at our LED Party this weekend:

LED Blink Party

When: May 17th 2008. 8PM
Where: NYCResistor
What: Blinking LEDs! Barbot v2 will be serving drinks!
How Much: $20 cover. (open bar)
Why: We need to pay rent and blink blink blink!

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Apr 052008

One of my side projects I’ve been working on lately is a fully self-contained Arduino shield. I originally started making it for the arduino classes i’m teaching. Today, I finished up the design and did a sanity-check prototype by printing out the board on paper, putting it on foam, and sticking the major components into it.

Danger Shield v1.0 (Mockup) - 1

The board itself is a whole bunch of cool inputs and outputs. It has 3 sliders (with integrated LED’s… each connected to PWM). It has a temperature sensor, a light sensor, and a piezo wired as a knock sensor. It has 3 buttons, 2 PWM leds, a 7 segment led hooked up via a shift register, and a piezo buzzer. I set out to max out every Arduino pin, and I did it! I ordered the boards today, and I’m getting super psyched about it. Not only will this be a fun board to learn on, but I’m excited about using it to do all sorts of fun stuff. The possibilities are really off the charts.

The manufacturer now has my design. More pix on flickr.

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