Mar 272016

Want to learn how to design your own circuit boards? Our EAGLE class is back!


Come take the PCB design class and we’ll teach you how to use the awesome, free EAGLE PCB design program.  You’ll learn how to draw schematics, find the right footprint, lay out a circuit board, route the circuit board, and finally prepare the board for production.  We’ll even show you where you can go to have your boards made for fairly cheap.

Class is Sunday, April 24, and tickets are available here. See you there!

Mar 252016
Photo by Brooklyn Public Library. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Photo by Brooklyn Public Library. CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

CryptoParty returns to NYC Resistor on April 13th, 2016 for a night of learning about your digital defense in the age of mass surveillance from Fort Meade and Madison Ave. Stop by 7PM and enjoy snacks and skills from a variety of online security practitioners and researchers.

If you’ve never been to Resistor before, check our Participate page for more info, including the Code of Conduct. Hope to see you there! If you’ve never been a cryptoparty before, please check out the CryptoParty Guiding Principles.


April 13th, 2015 7:00pm.


NYC Resistor (between Bergen and Dean)
87 3rd Ave. Floor 4 (use this OSM link if you’re Richard Stallman)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Mar 222016

Spring is here and it’s time for another Interactive Show! This year’s theme is #MakeInteractiveGreatAgain. The party is on May 14th and as usual we’ll provide the music and libations.


If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to build a dancing toupée bot, now is the perfect time. Or pull out an old project and do something new with it to make it great again. We’d love to show off whatever you’ve been working on, so drop us a line!

Even more LASERS

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Mar 192016

…we’ve got new laser classes omg! Our laser-cutting classes are super popular and sell out quickly, so we added some more.

Saturday, April 9th

Saturday, April 23rd

Saturday, May 7th

Saturday, May 21st

Learn to make laser pies…or laser-y boxes…really, you should just sign up for the class. After you get laser-certified you can come back during our public nights and use the laser cutter!

pie_meringue_final1Large lace cube

Mar 122016

Gosper curve

This weekend I built a polargraph from random junk around NYCR. It’s amazing how much stuff we have available for projects, if you just take the time to dig through our thingsgiving bins. This one used NEMA17 stepper motors and pulleys, a surplus tinyg board and a dry-erase marker suspended from thread found in the fabric bin.

Polar plot test

Originally the servo was going to lift the pen, but I ran out of time to integrate the servo with the tinyg system, so it just drags the pen between elements. The pen’s angle isn’t controlled, so sometimes it “gouges” the whiteboard and skips around. Hackish source code to generate the gcode and more details are at

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Mar 092016

Want to learn to make iOS and Android apps with JavaScript? NYCR member Bonnie Eisenman will be leading a React Native intro workshop this Saturday. Tickets here!

lrg React.js_logo.svg

We’ll walk through how to use the popular React Native framework to write high-quality, cross-platform mobile applications with JavaScript. Topics covered include mobile components, styling, and application structure. Come join us on Saturday!

Feb 202016

Tomorrow afternoon (Sunday, Feb 21) is our Knitting and Crochet Make-A-Long. Yay!

Want to learn to knit? Great, we’ll teach you! Already know how to knit or crochet? Awesome! Bring your projects and come hang out with us. Want to tackle a new technique or work through a complicated pattern? That’s cool too.

Bring yourself, we’ll provide the yarn / needles / etc. See you there! And remember, all of our classes are listed on Eventbrite.

Feb 162016

Want to learn to conjure gold? Of course you do.

OK, while we can’t technically teach you alchemy, we can teach you how to wield the magic of electrochemistry! We have a DIY Gold Plating workshop coming up on Saturday, February 20th. Bring your own jewelry, learn some awesome stuff about electrochemistry, and leave with your gold-plated jewelry. You can even gold plate an entire Apple Watch!

Jewelry in this class means: small pendants, earrings, rings, anything that is metal and less than an inch and a half in diameter. Metals that work are stainless steel, copper, brass, nickel, and silver (but not aluminum). We won’t be gold plating chains.

This class is brought to you by Eric Knoll, creator of the Midas Touch kit. Check out the Kickstarter video to learn more.

Tickets are on sale now.

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Feb 102016

Last weekend, NYC Resistor members Cameron Cundiff, Caroline Sinders and David Huerta #disrupted the Stupid Shit No One Needs and Terrible Ideas Hackathon at ITP. Among the Cheez Whiz 3D Printer, VR Fireplace and Browse-with-Guy Chrome extension, they made two projects that helped dumb-up the Stupid Hackathon to a new level:

Debate Camp

Caroline Sinders, Greg Borenstein
Debate Camp

Debate Camp is an interactive tale of political intrigue and sexual tension in a secluded boot camp for doing debating… and doing it too? Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio form a kinship in the cutthroat crucible of primary elections, leading them to form a very different kind of “exploratory” committee.


Dark Registry

Cameron Cundiff, David Huerta
Dark Registry

Dark Registry is a wedding gift registry, but on the ~*dark web*~. Make your wedding one to remember by making a wishlist of the sketchiest wares the Russian black market has to offer! Download the Tor Browser and point it to the Dark Registry onion service: rlmhcda2ttz4tdtw.onion.

Check out for more projects by various randos.