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  • Glen Sundin

    If anyone from your group is in college or younger you should check out You all create some cool stuff and may have a project worthwhile. Glen Sundin, Executive Director, Young Mind Awards

  • Sam

    I have various electronic components that could be useful to your group. I am a retired electronics systems engineer that had a development lab at home, and now am interested in donating many RF capacitors, coil winding parts, resistors, capacitors, ICs, transformers, inductors, analog test equipment..etc. I even have a 535 and a 545 (plus manual)Tektronix scopes that need CRTs. I f you have any interest please contact Sam at

  • Brad Smith

    Regarding Ahmeds Clock.For my little attempt to deal with the technology education issue (kids and adults) I have started It’s pretty rudimentary right now. If anyone feels like contributing content, or being an admin, I could use all the help I can get. Thanks.