Nov 052011

NYCR Ham party

C’mon out this Saturdaytonight at 8pm for our monthly first Saturday party. It’s our excuse to get the place cleaned up and in party shape. It’s a BYOB chill and chat extravaganza!

Update: I hear barbot may be making an appearance.

Update 2: Witness the firepower of the fully armed and operational BarBot (and other photos from the party):
Barbot returns

May 022011

Guess who’s guest bar tending at our favorite watering hole? Pacific Standard will be hosting our robotic bartender Tuesday night from 8pm until 10ish or whenever we tired of the bottitude, which ever comes second. Come see the bot in action! Drinks are just $4 and proceeds will go directly into our next generation bot.

Apr 262011

There seems to be a lot of confusion around what The Interactive Show on May 7th actually is. I’m hoping the venerable Venn Diagram can help explain. It’s hackers, it’s a party and it’s interactive art! Drinks and music are included, so make sure to stop by. We’ll be featuring some of the projects you’ll be able to see all next week so stay tuned.

Apr 082011

Saturday May 7th! Come one, Come all!

NYCR will be hosting our super duper Interactive Show.

The theme this year is ANYTHING INTERACTIVE. That’s right, ANYTHING… INTERACTIVE. That includes people, peoples!

Music? yeah, we got it.
Blinking lights? hello? c’mon, you know we got that covered!
Stabby things? why do you think we have an 18+ policy?

So come and be creative, come and grab a drink, come and meet the Resistors. Screw it, it’s a Saturday night and we like to have an excuse for a blow out kind of party so just come!

$10 tickets in advance, $15 tickets at the door

Tickets now on sale

Apr 052011

This is another class in a series of classes to help Japan recover from the effects of the devastating earthquake and tsunami of March 11th. All proceeds from this class will be donated to the Japan Society’s earthquake relief fund

These classes fill up, reserve your spot now!

Harness the power of an Eplilog 35 Watt Laser! In this class you’ll learn everything you need to know to make the ideas in your head become a reality with a laser.

In this two hour class, we’ll walk through all the steps from idea to pressing the “go” button on the laser. We’ll cover safety and basic design skills in Inkscape and you’ll learn how to do a burninate test to find out if something is laserable. After the two hours, you’ll have made a plaque for your door. (The extra two hours are for project completion time, but aren’t necessary for learning the tools.)

After learning the basics, each student will create their own design and lasercut it on the laser! A $10 lab fee is included in the ticket price and covers acrylic and time on the laser cutter to cut and etch it.

This class is required for coming in to do work on the laser independantly. If you get inspired, you can come back and laser your objects.

This class is taught by NYC Resistor member Justin Day.