Apr 072010

There’s a lot of discussion going around on the web about the controversial new device placed onto the free market by Apple Computers, the iPad. I was thinking about the app store approval process, and the potential for how shall we say, abuse that might occur through such a system. That’s when it occurred to me, Apple is right. Developers should be able to safeguard the experience of their users. So I opened up the terminal.

Here’s the php code that you might want to use on your web applications to let iPad users know that their device might not meet the user experience requirements that you feel are necessary for the full enjoyment of your applications. You know, requirements such as screws on the device, or the ability to multitask, or install software without an approval process controlled by some megalomaniac in Cupertino. I’ve modeled the response to be somewhat familiar in wording to apple developers. You know, just to show that I care.

Anyways, if you like me feel that the iPad is ruining the web experience for users, and don’t want to see your web applications tainted by it’s inferior design choices use the code below to protect yourself and your work. You aren’t making a tool, you are creating an experience. Remember place the code such that it executes before your page data is displayed. If you have a header include or something that would be an awesome location.

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Apr 042010

The venerable and highly esteemed Mr Stabby. An orphan robot found upon the streets of new york, and eventually dropped off at NYC Resistor has found a home in our hearts. Luckily we’ve kept him thus far from plunging a knife into that home. We did however decide that since Mr Stabby means so much to all of us, that we’d celebrate his birthday. This year stabs got to take out a pinata shaped like a penguin.

Here’s a video of stabs showing us that even the surliest robots can sometimes find a home full of love, and support if hackerspaces are willing to open their doors to them.

Stabs… this one’s for you man.

(Updated: Photos from the event posted to Flickr)

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Mar 102010


2600 Magazine presents The Next HOPE, the eighth conference in the 16 year history of the Hackers On Planet Earth series. It will happen at the Hotel Pennsylvania in the middle of New York City from July 16-18, 2010, and will be the largest creative technology conference on the U.S. East Coast.

Traditionally HOPE conferences have been more about the talks than the physical projects, but with the 2008 conference that started to change, and this time organizers are pushing for an even stronger showing of projects and tech art. This call for projects goes out to hackers, makers, technologists, artists, and free thinkers around the world. Come share your passions and ideas with 3,000+ of your soon-to-be closest friends.

If you want to pitch in and you don’t know what to do…

* Lounge/Hang-Out Spaces
o HOPE usually has work spaces, seminar spaces, and crash spaces. Can you organize more chill zones for simple conversation?
* Games
o You have 3,000+ people, three floors of a massive hotel, an RFID tracking system, and The City of New York. What can you do with that? Teach, play, explore.
* Art
o What’s your vision of the future? Show us using hardware, software, electricity and imagination.
* Night Life
o The talks usually stop around midnight. What else could be going on between midnight and 9am? Plan it, make it interesting, make it happen.

The main visual theme of the conference is visions of the future from the past, so things that reference The World’s Fairs, The Jetsons, flying cars, DaVinci, Asimov, and so forth would be very appropriate. However, projects are not required to carry the central theme in any way. Some projects, such as OpenAMD, are already being planned to be simply visions of the future from the present, rather than referencing any futurist thoughts from antiquity.

Some projects already in the works include…

* The Attendee Meta-Data Project (“OpenAMD”)
o An expansion of the RFID crowd tracking project from The Last Hope.
o Needs programmers and hardware hackers, and is prime for spinoff projects.
o Many possibilities exist for the development of games, data mining, and visualizations.
o Ask about the OpenAMD API.
o contact:
* Radio Statler!
o Streaming 24 hours a day live from the expo floor.
o Needs people to do shows, experienced engineers, reporters, and people with interesting audio gear.
o Needs a large isolation booth.
o contact:
* Installation Art
o The Next HOPE invites artists, local and beyond, who have a vision of the future expressed as installation art.
o Installations must be technology-based. They can range from electrical experiments to computer-controlled machines, to data and information processing visualizations, they can be static or interactive, and they could be visual or musical, this is a very open field.
o This is an unpaid exhibition, but the selected installation artists will be given free admission to the conference, and an online gallery with artist biographies will be set up for promotional purposes.
o What are your space, power, time, and data connection requirements?
o contact the curator:
* The Hackerspace and Hardware Hacking Village
o A 24 hour gathering point for the hackerspace community, a hardware hacking workshop area, and a supply post for hardware hacking tools and expendables.
o Are you involved with a hackerspace? Reserve a special area for your group to chill and show off projects!
o Looking for hardware hackers and hackerspaces from all around the world to come together and and share ideas.
o contact:

If you need help with your project, you can find a lot of people on our forum before the conference starts, at The HOPE wiki is also available for your use,

Contact the projects coordinator with a plan of action, along with your space, power, time, and data connection requirements:

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Mar 052010

Sure it’s 3:20…. but fsck it!

Here’s my day 4 script. A c based script that will generate an NYCR logo… of sorts.

Anyways… it’s utterly horrendous code… but it’s 3 am so leave me alone about it… plz.

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Mar 052010

So we had our first Craft Night this week in the new space. We moved in Saturday. So in less than a week you can see how far we have come. I am pretty excited about what we’re going to be able to do.

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Mar 042010

Under the wire… with a rather boring script. Here’s an apache log parser that uploads log data to MySQL. Interesting part about it? If your user auth field has LDAP data this will parse that properly.

Click through for code…
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Mar 022010

So today I decided to mix things up a bit. I figure, how else can one honor the time honored world of languages than by paying homage to the language wrought by Knuth himself…. LaTeX.

Here’s the resulting PDF: m2
I will post the associated EPS file later, currently NYCR’s blog is very anti EPS.

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Mar 012010

So, the folks over at Fubar Labs made a challenge to themselves and anyone else who wants to participate. Basically, write one program every day throughout the month of march. Any language, any function, but be creative. I doubt I can keep up the entire month, but it sounds like a really fun way to expand ones coding horizons and do some neat stuff. So anyways, here’s my first code for March Madness.

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Feb 122010

Edit: Thanks everyone who came out for the hackathon!

Here’s a semi-live shot of the hackathon at NYCR this weekend! Say hello internets.

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Feb 082010

A lot of you folks may not know this but, I went to high school ( and graduated from there ) in Brazil. One of my friends from there currently is living in New Jersey. He’s been running since high school ( probably earlier ). Sam has also just recently sold his soul to facebook here

Above is a video of him test firing a 100 KiloJoule rail gun. And I cannot stress this enough… THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING. Sam’s fairly famous so some of you may already know of some of his past exploits, but if not… by all means check his stuff out. Sam’s been inspiring me with his insanity for years.

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