May 262016

Been curious about electronics, but don’t know where to start? Want to learn to use programming to interact with real-world stuff? Our always-popular intro to Arduino class is running again on June 12th! You’ll learn how to blink LEDs, make a buzzer buzz, and use a light sensor.



No previous hardware or electronics experience necessary, though some basic programming knowledge is helpful. Get your tickets!

May 252016

We have a box with two TI-83 Plus calculators, some scientific equipment, and a manual for how it all works together — all free to a good home. If you’re interested just come by on an open night and pick them up. Photos are in the link. Rules are you have to take the whole box and you have to pick it up on an open night (Monday or Thursday).

We also have tons of head-mounted magnifying glasses (HEAD MAGNIFIERS!) Pick up as many as you’d like on our open nights, but do it soon before someone just tosses them in the trash in frustration and then they’re gone.

head magnifiers

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May 242016

OMG Blinkies!


It surprises literally nobody that we love blinky things at NYC Resistor. Maybe you want some blinky things of your own? NYC Resistor member Matt Metts is teaching his Blinky Umbrella Workshop on June 5th!

In the workshop, you’ll learn the simple soldering technique needed to assemble the electronics, and the craft techniques used to attach everything securely to the umbrella. And yes, you really can use it in the rain. Hurry up and get a ticket!

umbrella photos

May 232016

We just wrapped our last Make-Along on Sunday. Now we can get ready for our June Make-Along: Kokedama!

We’ll be exploring how to make the lovely floating plant planets known as kokedama, or moss balls. Make-Alongs are guided craft workshops where participants learn new skills, explore new materials, and make great things – beginners and experts alike are welcome!

The Kokedama Make-Along is on June 19th. Grab a ticket before they’re gone!

May 172016

On Sunday we’ll be exploring the wonderful world of terrariums.  Join us as we make tiny worlds with soil, succulents, moss, and figurines!


Make-Alongs are self-guided craft workshops where participants learn new skills, explore new materials and make great things. Whether you’re a beginner or a master, there’s something for everyone!

Tickets for this Sunday’s Terrariums Make-Along are available on Eventbrite now.

May 132016

The Interactive Show is Tomorrow! Last chance to get tickets! Here’s a preview of Adelle Lin’s augmented reality project “Liisa: Augmenting InnAr Beauty”.

Tickets are just $15 and include wine/beer!

There is something magical about the friendships between women, something that helps us see what we often overlook. This is what Liisa is all about, as it shows our oft-hidden selves. Personalized amulets serve as symbols of strength for any woman to wear. With the aid of augmented reality, I give them digital extensions, revealing to the world that every woman has her own set of wings.


May 112016

TLDR; NYC Resistor now has TWO craft nights each week – Monday Craft Night and Thursday Craft Night. This is just a naming change, each night’s activities remain unchanged.

Why the change? We used to have just one Craft Night, and then folks wanted more laser time, so we started Laser Nights on Mondays. But the two nights are very similar, and the names were a bit confusing, so we voted to call them both Craft Night.

What is a Craft Night, anyway? If you’ve never been to a Craft Night before, you should! These are our main public events. Come hang out, work on a project, talk with other people about their projects, and/or learn something new. Craft Nights are Mondays @ 7:30pm til close, and Thursdays @ 6:30pm til close. 

Pebble class at NYC Resistor

We also have a knitting circle that meets every other Monday during Craft Night (check the calendar – the next one is May 16th, 2016). Bring your existing project and knit with us, or if you don’t know how to knit, we’ll teach you! We have spare needles & yarn. Crochet, needlepoint, and other related activities also welcome.


As always, both nights are governed by our Code of Conduct. If you have any questions, you can email

May 112016

Neural Networks, a longtime staple of Artificial Intelligence research, have recently enjoyed a renaissance in the hands of artists painting with GPUs and algorithms instead of brushes and easels. Style transfer, an algorithm used to read a particular painters style and recreate existing images in that style, has been a recent focus of a number of artists, like Gene Kogan. As part of their exploration into the field of neural networks, NYC Resistor member David Huerta and Machine Learning Scientist JB Rubinovitz from DBRS Labs have created a photo booth for style transfer, so you can redraw your face in the style of up to four artists, including Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keeffe!


Once your photo is processed, it’s tweeted into @NN_Paint‘s timeline.

BONUS: Each tweet has a link to an animated .gif which shows frames at various points in the neural network’s progress.




Are you ready to make your selfie great again? Buy your tickets before they sell out!

May 052016

Cat with keyboard

Code Liberation is bringing 8-bit sound to NYCR with a workshop for women next Wednesday.

Who doesn’t love a vintage Atari soundtrack? In this workshop, we’ll teach you to do more than press buttons to this kind of sound, we’ll show you how to build it. We’ll dive into some of the techniques video game pioneers used to create sound. We will cover the basics of electronics and wave form generation using electronic current without a computer. By the time you leave, you’ll be well on your way to being a 8 bitshifter!

More details and tickets are here:

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