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Dec 172015


NYC Resistor’s origin goes back to some of its founders attending the Chaos Computing Congress in 2008 and this year we again have a great showing at CCC in Hamburg, Germany. Many Resistors members will be attending and we’ll add to the giant pile of hackerspace stickers.

Presentation at 31C3

Several NYC Resistor members will be giving presentations at 32c3: Caroline Sinder’s “When Algorithms Fail in Our Personal Lives” (2015-12-30 at 14:00), Matthew Borgatti’s “My Robot Will Crush You With Its Soft Delicate Hands!” (2015-12-27 at 23:00), Trammell Hudson’s “Thunderstrike 2: more Mac EFI firmware vulnerabilities” (2015-12-27 at 20:30) and a joint presentation by Adelle Lin and Trammell Hudson on “Vector Retrogaming with MAME and XY monitors” (2015-12-28 at 18:15).

The Congress provides free live streams of all of the presentations, so even if you can’t attend the event you can still watch and ask questions on their IRC channel. There are four days of four presentation tracks with around one hundred talks on a wide range of technology, security, society and art topics. It is well worth looking through the list of events!

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Dec 162015

B-Sides is finally coming to NYC! What is B-Sides you ask? Well it’s a volunteer driven low cost Information Security conference that’s hosted around the country. It usually follows in the wake of big name conferences such as RSA or Black Hat. But, it’s become famous for being a smaller crowd of interested researchers rather than a commercial blitz or an all out party. It’s a great conference for first time presenters and seasoned veterans alike. And when I lived in SF, it was a welcomed event that usually left me very inspired not just by the quality and innovation in the presentations, but the people I met there and the conversations that ensued as well.

NYC has only just managed to get a B-Sides event off the ground. And a few folks pushed very hard to make this happen. So, having been in some of the email threads around this. I am super excited to see that this registration opening. This is cool people!

Some of the presenters include former NYC Resistor member Dino Dai Zovi and former L0pht hackerspace member Chris Wysopal. Both legends in the infosec community, and really cool down to earth people as well.

The event will be hosted at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. For those not in the know, John Jay is where most of the NYPD got their degrees. It’s also been a helpful academic liaison for the NYC infosec scene for years. So it’s kind of awesome to see this event being hosted there.

Register Here or don’t. That’s cool too. =D

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Dec 132015

Monday nights are one of our public nights at NYC Resistor. Every Monday is Laser Night, and every other Monday is Knit Knight, too! So many things!

Don’t know how to knit? That’s awesome, we have needles and spare yarn, we can teach you! Just swing by around 7:30pm this Monday, December 14th, and say hello.

Want to learn something new? Some of us are working on making knitted scale mail, and we can teach you that, too…

If you’ve never been to Resistor before, check our Participate page for more info, including the Code of Conduct. Hope to see you there!



Nov 252015


Eschewing traditions or just trying to avoid going anywhere near JFK during the holidays?  [Some, very few of] us too! Resistor will be open for Craft Night this Thursday, November 26th. Same bat time, same bat channel. Skip the Turkey (or eat it earlier I guess) and join us for some hacking.

BONUS: We’ll have a limited supply of Soylent available, if you’re into a particularly dystopian and/or health goth themed Thanksgiving.

Nov 252015

Our ever-popular introductory Arduino class is back for another round! This one’s on December 5th. Our last class sold out quickly, so get your tickets early.



If you’ve been wanting to get into electronics but don’t know where to start, this class is for you! Learn to use an Arduino to control lights and sound, and how to combine sensors with output. Get your tickets here.

No previous electronics experience required. For programming experience, you should be comfortable with for loops and variables.

Nov 172015




Want to learn how to combine LASERS and glass? Grab a ticket for our upcoming collaboration with UrbanGlass!

In this one day workshop, students will get to design a simple object within a 7″ x 7″ square, laser cut that object in wood and then cast it in glass. It’s a full-day event, from 10am-7pm on December 12.

We’ve got other classes coming up, too, including a vector display class and our usual laser certification class. Check ’em out on our Eventbrite!


Nov 102015

TLDR: This party is now no longer on Nov 14, or at NYC Resistor. Read on for details!

So you may have noticed there’s another much bigger hackers party the same weekend as the one we planned to have. Heh, great minds think alike. So, we’ve decided rather than force people to pick sides and make this some form of competition, we’d just make life easier on everyone and join forces with the other party. In part, this is because of recent upgrades to NYC Resistor’s machine room eating up a significant amount of our floor space. In part, it’s because we really wanted to check out the other party as well =P.

hacktheplanet party details

So we got in touch with the folks at and they were excited to team up with us as well. We’ll be bringing the nycresistor hackers party projects over there. We hope to see you there.

Details for the event:

WHERE: The Paper Box
WHEN: November 13th 2015
WHO: The best music you can possibly imagine
WHAT: Full cyber punk regalia

This Thursday the 12th you are also invited to our Open Hack Night at NYC Resistor to work on / complete your projects for the party. Get amped up. Show everyone you know stuff, and didn’t just get a puter for christmas. Be elite ya’ll.


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Nov 012015

Curious about Arduinos? Not sure where to start? Come to our introductory Arduino class on November 15th! Tickets are available on Eventbrite.


We’ll cover the basics of using an Arduino for both input and output, using a light sensor, LEDs, a buzzer, and more! We’ll also talk about breadboarding and the basics of Arduino programming. No previous electronics experience necessary. Our Arduino classes often sell out, so get your tickets!

Oct 232015

I carved this here Benedict Pumpkinpatch during another year’s Pumpkin Hacking session, come along and we can show you how, too!

Hello pumpkins! It’s that time of year again!

This year it’s BRING YOUR OWN PUMPKIN, because for some reason people at our space don’t enjoy hacking around rotting piles of pumpkins in the days following our little get-together.

We will also be snacking on holiday themed foods (candy corn and pumpkin seeds, anyone?) and watching spooky (but not scary) movies. JOIN US!

1:00PM – 4:00PM

Tickets are $10, purchase them here: